How do you create a new account

To create a new account with Controlla visit and click on the "Free Trial" button or go directly to the registration page.

When creating an account

  • A business name is required.
  • You must select a base country and time zone for the account.
  • If you don't connect using an external profile, such as a Google account, you will be required to choose a password.
  • The user creating a new account automatically has their email address set as the account owner for billing purposes.

Using external accounts to log in (e.g. Google accounts)

If you use a connected external account to login to Controlla (e.g. a Google account), you are able to also set a password. You will then be able to use the password to log in even if you're not logged into your external account (e.g. if you're not logged in to your Google account).

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