Clients can be individuals or organizations. They typically have services and assets associated with them, which together form the core features of Controlla.

The difference between individuals and organizations

Organizations have an extra field for the name of a billing contact person.

Adding clients

Clients can be added in one of two ways (specific instructions here): 

  1. Bulk importing of clients via an integration (e.g. from Xero accounting software), or
  2. Add them manually 

Deleting clients

Clients can only be deleted if they have been manually created (i.e. not imported from an integrated app) and they don't have an active history (i.e. have had services and sent invoices).

Archiving clients

Clients with an active history can only be archived (and not deleted).  Before archiving any active services have been stopped and archived and any outstanding invoices have been paid or cancelled.  Archiving can be done from the drop down menu when viewing a full client record or it can be done from the menu drop down on the right of all each client record when viewing the full list.

Viewing archived clients

Clients and their history can be viewed in the Archived tab under Directory in the main menu to the left.

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