Invoices are created automatically by contracts – they are also automatically emailed to your clients according to the schedule set in each contract.  If auto-billing has been configured and a client's credit card has been loaded they can additionally charge your client's card automatically at the same time.

Configuring invoices

Navigate to: User Menu > Settings > Invoice Settings

The following invoice elements can be set in the invoice settings section:

  • A sending email address that you choose (for invoices emailed from Controlla) 
  • Your business address text field
  • Your bank details for manual payments from your clients
  • Invoice terms text field

Paying invoices by credit card (manual or automatic options)

Invoices to your clients can be paid automatically by charging client credit cards that you've saved in your Controlla account.  Alternatively your clients can pay manually with a credit card after clicking a link that is included in the invoice that is emailed to them.  Both of these credit card payment methods will have the payments automatically recorded inside Controlla.

Recording manual invoice payments

Clients can also pay by making a bank transfer or cash payment. These last two options will require the payment to be recorded manually inside Controlla.

More about payments.

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