Connecting to Stripe

For existing or new Stripe accounts — connecting Stripe allows payments to be made through Controlla using credit cards.  This can be by clients clicking a payment link on the invoice email and entering their card details manually, alternatively payments to be taken automatically on any credit card that has been saved on your clients in your Controlla account..

  1. Click on Integrations link in main menu on the left side of your screen
  2. Select Stripe and click the "Connect" button
  3. If you have a Stripe account but are not already logged in you'll be asked to do so. Otherwise there will be instructions to  follow if you need to create a brand new Stripe account.
  4. Click "Authorize Application".
  5. And that's it!  Invoices can be sent with a "Pay now" link and client credit cards can be stored against your client's records in Controlla allowing automatic payments. 
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