Offerings are a "price list" of your services.  Each offering has a name, default prices for different periods and a description for invoices. Their specific purpose is for them to specify your offered services. Typically they are associated with yours or your clients' assets e.g. domain names or websites.  Offerings typically reflect the services you provide for those assets.   

How to create offerings

  • Offerings are created manually
  • Offerings are added in the offerings section of your workspace 

Default prices are associated with time periods

  • Default prices can adjusted when applied to an actual service.
  • Each price must be connected to a period of time.  E.g. Website hosting might have 2 default price options: one of $0 per month; and, one of $100 per year.  Note the example of $0 can be edited to have a value in acutal service.
  • Currently the time periods available are fixed at Weekly, 2 Weekly, Monthly and Yearly
  • If the price field in a time period has ANY value (including $0) then that time period is activated and will be available for use in services. E.g. The offering example shown with have the monthly option (of $0) available for use in any services with a period of "monthly" and will separately have the yearly option (of $100)
  • If a price period hasn't been activated then it will not be available for use in services.

Associating assets with an offering

Associating the offering with one or more asset types will enable you to attach individual assets to an offering whenever that offering is used.

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