Contract management

Contracts are a core feature – they help you grow and manage your repeating revenue

Contracts send invoices to your clients according to schedules you set and help ensure assets receive the proper services and that are being billed correctly.

(Managing assets is the other core feature)

Requirements before creating contracts

  • Clients – all contracts require one client.
  • Offerings – all contracts require at least one offering.
  • Assets optional, but recommended – assets can be attached to contracts along with their related offering.

Creating contracts

Contracts are manually created – more about creating contracts.

Connecting assets to contracts

Assets should be connected to contracts wherever appropriate (i.e. you are providing and charging services for an asset such as a website or a domain name).  To do this contracts require offerings that are associated with that asset's type. Then you can connect the asset to contract via that offering. E.g. a website can be connected to its contract via a "web hosting" offering.

Status of contracts

  • Active – contracts that have commenced and are actively sending out invoices.
  • Scheduled – a start date is set in the future and "Scheduled" contracts become "Active" once that date has been reached.
  • Finished –  have completed their set number of cycles or have been manually stopped (we recommend archiving finished contracts ASAP).

TOP TIP: keep the number of "Finished" contracts as close to zero as possible by archiving them. Requiring manual archiving of finished contracts ensures you're aware the contract finished.  This is particularly useful as a reminder for you to review any elements related to the contract and also to review the situation with your client.

Ending contracts

Contracts can be set to stop after a certain number of cycles or stopped manually. If neither of these things happen then contracts continue indefinitely.

Archiving contracts

Contracts that have any billing history can't be deleted, but they can be archived. If you try to archive an "Active" contract Controlla will ask you to confirm that you want it stopped first. 

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