Asset management

Asset management is a core feature

Controlla provides "real-time information" for all-the-things you need to manage for you and your clients.  An example could be a web services business that manage domain names, websites, servers, and digital marketing campaign accounts. Controlla connects to external service providers, like Webflow or DNSimple, and provides regular live updates of those assets

(Managing contracts handshake is the other core feature)

How are assets used?

  1. To ensure services are provided and billed for correctly
    Assets in Controlla can be assigned to contracts, which send regular invoices to your clients and can even automatically charge their credit cards. Controlla lets you easily view which items have contracts against them and which do not.
  2. It provides a central place to show "real-time" and historical information about assets
    It is intended that Controlla be treated as the one source of truth to view your company's history in dealing with any asset used to provide services.

Importing and adding assets

There are two methods to add assets to Controlla:

  1. Importing assets from external integrations (recommended method)
  2. Creating assets manually (alternative option)

More detailed instructions on adding assets category.

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